Mirko van den Winkel

Dual Marketing and Sales Development Expert
  • 2013

    MOROSO New York City

    VicePresident MOROSO USA

    He left London and move to New York to realized the ambitious plan to expande and consolidate States, Canada and Central America markets.

    Increase brand awareness, criss-cross marketing from retailers to architects, build up from scratch the distribution network, just an awful lot of work a cross a continent!
    He's the one that can make it, and he's almost there !

  • 2009

    MVDW London



    Working for top-brands in the (furniture, lighting) design world finding Sales Agents in Western Europe, helping with Strategic Marketing and with Strategic Partnerships.

    A unique combined experince of management in the design-business and consultancy on strategic and international marketing provids him with sharp and acute vision on the furniture market to advice from start-ups to big brands on how to succeed.

    Also labeled by the press as a 'Design Guru'


    Initiator and organiser of fairs and design exhibitions in Italy, Belgium and London.

    Lecturing, hosting talks, jurying at architecture and design awards, writing on various topics related to design such as strategic marketing, management, finance, sales & creativity, design also in relation with architecture, art and fashion

  • 2009

    Established & Sons London

    Sales Director Europe

    Responsible for sales especially in Europe. Development of a strategy for the B2B market. Adaptations to the working methods and procedures, provoking thinking based on experience, promoting continuous improvement.

  • 2008

    QUINZE&MILAN Kortrijk - Belgium

    Commercial Director

    Q&M was going through a very tough crisis, but he put an enormous amount of energy in it together with the team, and every aspect of the company was turned upside down to improve everything drastically. It worked out magnificently. The pricelist was unrecognisable compared to previous ones. 20 new agents / importers were installed, introduced 12 new collections, involving 9 new designers, and all of this practically without investing. And very fast, the turnover went up again.

  • 1994

    MOROSO Udine-Italy

    Export Manager Europe

    Responsible for reaching sales and marketing objectives, thus contributing to the fast growth of this company along almost fiftheen years. Initiator of the sales academy and helped organising it in many ways later. He's got a lot of freedom to experiment with new marketing ideas and to learn, to grow, thanks to the really very open management style at this company. He participated in completely other processes within and around the company, like the creative part of this business, which has incredibly enriched his experience.
    A perfect match of personality, Mirko and Moroso have a lot in common !!

  • 1992

    TEAM Treviso-Italy

    Senior business Consultant
    Responsable for managing and developing the international consultancy activities in the Treviso Branch.

  • 1990

    AD REM Groningen-Netherlands

    Independent consultant on international marketing, cooperating in an international network with amongst others Larive Holland and Team Srl in Italy.