To foreign companies the European design-market represents an enormous challenge often even considered insurmountable. The many countries, cultures, languages and vested interests are thought to make a successful new entry impossible.
However, nowadays most countries are culturally, economically and politically rather united in “Europe”. Almost every businessman speaks English and modern media and mobility of people have aligned our lifestyles, also in terms of how we live, work and design our interiors.
Surely differences will remain. In our intro we look at the 10 major markets in Western Europe together representing almost half the European population and some 80% of Europe’s GDP.
We give design business related information, stereotyping and comparing the countries to give you some cultural information that may help to get a broad understanding on distribution, discounts, payments and some specific ideas on where to create your first hub.
These general indications naturally need to be combined by information from your company, your specific branch and products to judge the feasibility, determine a winning strategy and get started.
MVDW is glad to help you in that process.
Download here ourĀ  INTRO TO EUROPE