International Design Award for Women

The italian company Area Declic invited Mirko van den Winkel to join the jury of the 2010-11 ONLY for WOMEN award, as the title tells, dedicated just to design by women.

The purpouse of the competition was to design a FAMILY OF OBJECTS (chair, armchair, stool, table, small table) in METAL for the CONTRACT market, ideal for internal and external spaces like bars, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, theatres and airports, chairs characterized by strength, aggregability or stacking, functionality, practicality and a high possibility of producing in series.

A massive partecipation! hundred and forty-two designers submitting their projects from the North and South America, Japan, North Africa, Russia and all over the continent. In addition to the northern areas, the provenience from the Mediterranean area, namely from Turkey, Greece, Spain and Italy, and Eastern Europe with participants from Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary was consolidated.

Visit the gallery with all the competition entries here.