Bovisa Milano International Creatives Event

organizers: Termitestudio | MVDW
Triennale Milano,
OAPPC (Architects Board Milan),
ADI (Italian assosiation for Design),
Netherlands Embassy,
Politecnico Milano,
DuPont™ Corian®,
Plust Collection

17 December 2007 | Triennale Bovisa (Milano)

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An intriguing Think & Drink event, putting creativity on centre of the stage and inviting a mix of architects, designers, artist, video makers, musician to share their works and thoughts.

The event was based on the speedy talks format globally known as Pecha Kucha Night or 20×20 format, first introduced in Milan for this occasion by Termitestudio and MVDW who already imported the format first time in Italy few months before !

Among the speakers, the famous and award-winning designers Patricia Urquiola, the famous Dutch firm UNStudio architects by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, the rockstar Saturnino, together with young talents and established ones.
Via video from Tokio the architects Astrid Klein – Mark Dytham, Founders of Pecha Kucha, welcomed and cheered the Pecha Kucha public in Milan.

All was made possible, special thanks to our prestigious partner Triennale Milano, and the precious collaboration and support from OAPPC (Architects Board Milan), ADI Lombardia (The Italian association, Best Known for the Compasso d’Oro Prize), Netherlands Embassy, Politecnico Milano.

Additionally we thank our sponsors Moroso, DuPont™ Corian®, Moco, Plust Collection and Lorenz (Watches manifacturing).