Designers meet the Industry at Verona Fiere

promoted by Termitestudio/MVDW
German Design Council,
Design Vlanderen,
Fiera di Verona,
Abitare il Tempo

17-21 September 2009 | Fiera di Verona (Italy)
Press release

YDMI for Europe [Young Designers Meet the Industry]  is a format created as talent scout for companies, and on the other hand as exclusive promotion platform for 30 young pre-selected designers from Belgium, Germany and Italy.

YDMI is a communication event  to promote new design bringing  together the industry and young designers. The special formula of YDMI has been invented by German Design Council, and launched in Berlin and Frankfurt.
Anna Termite (architect,Termitestudio) and Mirko van den Winkel (marketing manager, MVDW), have taken the initiative to internationalise YDMI.

YDMI is now, in fact, for the first time outside of Germany and for the first time to Italy on show at the Abitare il Tempo fair in Verona.

Design Flanders from Belgium has joined the organisation, enabling the creation of a truly European YDMI, directly involving 3 countries, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

German Design Council and Design Flanders have organised the event in their respective countries.
In Italy, Termitestudio has strongly cooperated with Abitare il Tempo and Veronafiere, who both immediately supported the innovative idea and the ambitious format.

The organisers  thank the following organisations for their support with promotion, divulgation and/or the selection of the designers:
ADI Associazione Disegno Industriale
IED Istituto Europeo Design

The 200 sq.m. exhibition space, designed by Termitestudio, has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the companies Dinamica Miko,
Menotti Specchia
The seats Single are launched by the company Plywood, and produced by Strati Curvi utilising the fabrics of Friulprint.

The YDMI-programme contemplates many activities, all enabling direct contacts between designers and companies.
Three the main groups  YDMI-format can be subdivided i: the exhibition, open activities and exclusive activities.

Abitare il tempo, from 17 until 21.09.2009
Pad. 6, stand E-16 / F-11
On YDMI booth each designer will display a prototype or recent product, invite and meet journalists, companies or any interested potential partner.
Thursday 17 September, 16.30
on the stand> Pad. 6, stand E-16 / F-11
Andrej Kupetz (German Design Council), Johan Valcke (Design Flanders) and Anna Termite + Mirko van den Winkel (Termitestudio) will jointly introduce and open the event.
Sunday 20 September, from 09.00 until 12.30
on the stand> Pad. 6, stand E-16 / F-11
The 30 designers will present themselves and their work to the public with a YDMI Portfolio Show, an extremely fast way for all the 30 designers to introduce themselves to the public of the fair and explain their attitudes, desires, materials, shapes, research and results so far.
Sunday 20 September, from 14.00 until 17.30
Sala Rossini, Centro Congressi Arena, between Pad. 6 and 7
The YDMI FOR EUROPE prize, as donated by German Design Council, will be awarded. This after a pecha-kucha presentation by the 5 finalists and some special guests.
Only on invitation > a few activities will take place behind closed doors, enabling another level of communication between the designers, and some carefully selected captains of industry or other invited guests.
During the fair’s Gala dinner, the young designers will be present and will be invited to get to know the jury members and other managers and owners of the companies exhibiting on the Abitare il Tempo fair.
More than 30 members, all owners or (art-) directors from important design oriented companies on the fair will select the finalist and winner of the YDMI FOR EUROPE 2009 prize, donated by German Design Council and sponsorized by Vistosi.
All together 8 well-known, charismatic designers, communicators, art-directors of big, leading design companies will share some of their rich experience with the young designers, especially Rudi Von Wedel ( R+W communication & brand management), Giulio Ridolfo (Moroso), Maurizio Mussati (Established & Sons), Andrej Kupetz (German Design Council), Jan Kriekels (Jaga Radiators), Freddy Justen (D’Art Design Gruppe), Kris Dekeyser (Designregio Kortrijk / Humanovation).