Anna Termite Watschinger

Business and Product Development Design Consultant
  • 2009

    MVDW London



    Initiator and organiser of events in the architectural and design-world.
    Show design for fairs and exhibitions in Italy, Belgium and London.
    Responsible for sponsor and partner acquisition and sales to exhibitors.
    Writing on architecture-design-journalism and hosting talks for creatives and industry.


    Agent search and partner search to support companies to open new markets or replace and resettle exhisting distribution.


    Set up strategy and planning to create new collections by introducing new product with new designers.
    Marketing and branding strategy to refresh existing catalogues and communication.
    Pure marketing immersion!

  • 2001

    TERMITEs Italy


    Established her own architectural practice and designed and built all kinds of office, housing and hospitality projects, in and around Udine (Italy) mainly for private clients and real estate investors.

    A great time!

  • 1997

    international practices

    Post-graduated international experience as architect
    in United Kingdom, Rome, Venice (Italy), Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Kortrijk (Belgium),
    working on multifunctional and complex projects such as theatre, hospital, commercial malls, hotels,
    for firms like PercyThomas Partnership, Massimiliano Fuksas, J.C.Lopez & ass., Studio Quinze.

    Inspiring and provoking time!

Personal Intro

ARCHITECT by education and 10+ years of professional experience.

CREATIVE CONSULTANT for product design furniture industry for 5+ years

But especially I'm comfortable in thinking myself natural born ENTREPRENEUR.

I founded my own practice as architect in Italy and later co-founded an agency for design industry in London.

I remember at that time I decide to initiate businesses on my own, I wasn’t quite aware of the future ahead, I took action with no fear nor permission, with great love for challenge and enthusiasm for change. The beginning was always sparkling, and what followed it anytime was an overwhelming richness of experience. Ups and downs were equally natural, but resilience and adaptation won. I still feel strongly grounded on the foundations set up along the time, and maybe with more wise and wide vision now than before.

Nevertheless, I always drawn to new opportunities, innovation and new value creation projects. Especially now, that the entire world is taking off towards the ultimate digital re-evolution, I’m very much attracted and curious in how to contaminate the fields I already work in with new content. My obsession for it found a natural place of inspiration when I jointed London Futurists and the UK Trans-humanist Party, eminent sources for updated information.

In my experience, factor number one to deliver a good to great project are people. People as client, as co-workers, as external consultants, as partners. People always make the difference. People are what you remember first and always. People are the great teachers, in the good and in the bad, but you have to listen to them, and I have to say, I learned a lot how to listen.

A project of architecture absorbs the work of an orchestra of professionals to become a building, and what I most enjoyed on it was the pleasure for sharing a coral effort to finalize that single unique product.

But, I must admit, I found much more complex and fascinating to get involved as a consultant in team works within companies. A company is a micro-world itself with any element of a cosmogony that works as a cog of an oiled machine (in the best scenario). It is a completely different sense of time, to deliver a one-off object-building instead of partecipating to the never-stopping evolution of a working machine. The picture gets complex and to forecast and to predict are the skills to be provided with.

Here, a quote by Blaise Pascal with my apologies if this got too long: "I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter.”